Mission Statement

Indie Film Junction was created for independent filmmakers and cinephiles, alike. Our goal is to serve as a promotional resource for independent filmmakers and an educational resource for those who are interested in learning about filmmaking and feel the best way to accomplish that is to provide exposure to working filmmakers, focusing not just on the final product, but also the filmmaking process, inspiration, lessons learned, and practical advice. IFJ will also be a celebration of the tenacity, perseverance, and independent spirit required to make and release a film outside of the studio system, and in many cases, with extremely modest resources.

We will try to demystify all aspects of development and production with the aim of encouraging would-be filmmakers to go and make their movie while giving exposure to movies that might otherwise get released with little to no fanfare.

There are tens of thousands of independently produced feature films in the United States each year. We want to shine a light on the ones that don’t enter the big festivals with a distribution deal already in place.

Inclusion Statement

We will always strive to amplify traditionally marginalized voices, including those of female filmmakers and POC, whether the project is enriched by them onscreen or behind the camera. We will also foster honest discourse about systemic biases and the path forward to make the entertainment landscape an equitable space for all.

How it Works

Through editorial content, including interviews and reviews, we will introduce the Indie Film Junction community to new films and filmmakers. It’s our mission to help people and their movies connect with the right audience and help shine a light on hidden gems of the indie film world, especially nano-budget films with no marketing resources behind them.

If you have a project you’d like us to consider or want to pitch an idea for a story, please view the Submissions page

Movie Profiles

Movie profile pages are a valuable resource for filmmakers. They are available for films meeting the following criteria:

  • The film must be a feature (at least 70 minutes in length)
  • The film must at least be in post-production
  • The film must either be available in the United Stated or intended to be distributed here
  • The film must not be the production of or associated with a major studio

If you’d like a profile for your movie, or if you’d like to be considered for an interview or article on your film, please fill out the submission form here. Acceptance for a profile page and editorial content is left to the discretion of the editorial department. Completing the submission form does not guarantee a profile or article.

Why Make a Movie Profile?

  • It serves as a landing page for your movie
    • SEO Optimization makes the movie more discoverable on search engines
    • No need to register a domain
    • You don’t need to build (or pay for) an entire website
  • It will contain useful information not included on comparable profiles
    • Director’s statement
    • Optional “Movie Lessons” section – share knowledge gained from the production with other filmmakers
    • Trailer and multiple videos (optional)
    • Budget range (optional)
    • Detailed technical specs
  • It will help your movie find an audience
    • Links to buy, rent, stream, etc