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Family Obligations (2019)

*2019 Austin Film Festival Official Selection. 3x Best Feature Film award winner.*
After his father’s sudden death, loner Peter Steele finds himself the reluctant caretaker of his sick Uncle Frank. Through new friendship with Frank’s neighbor Melanie, Peter begins to see that involvement in other people’s lives might just be worth it after all.

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My Fiona (2021)

Devastated by the unexpected suicide of her best friend Fiona, Jane helps Fiona’s widow care for their son. The relationship develops from a friendship to a deeper affair that’s potentially catastrophic to the healing of all involved.

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Palmdale (2014)

A drifter with a violent past comes to the city to kill somebody for money. On his way to do it, a young woman crashes into his life, giving him the choice – to continue on this path of self destruction or leave it all behind and start again.

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Delicate State (2021)

Shot over the course of their actual pregnancy with cast doubling as 2-man crew, Paula and Charlie document their impending parenthood during a time of extreme political division. Their heads remain in the sand about the greater world around them until it upends their privileged life. Now they face a situation Instagram never prepared them for, but that women all over the world face daily – bringing life into a country torn apart by war.

Suicide Watch thumbnail

Suicide Watch (2015)

Two young men work the graveyard shift of a suicide hotline ran out of the attic of a halfway house.

Cargo thumbnail

Cargo (2018)

A businessman awakens to find himself trapped in a cargo container and held for ransom.

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Threshold (2020)

THRESHOLD follows a sister, claiming to be cursed, as she persuades her brother to embark on a cross country road trip to break her spell.

Doug thumbnail

Doug (2020)

Unknown actor Doug Bridgers will stop at nothing to establish himself as a leading man in the always evolving Hollywood Film Industry.

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Fade Out Ray (2021)

Ray Balfi writes a feature length cartoon in hopes of fortune and fame.

I Blame Society thumbnail

I Blame Society (2020)

A struggling filmmaker realizes that the skill set to make a movie is the same to commit the perfect murder.

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