Salvia Divinorum: A Western Approach

  • Documentary

Salvia Divinorum is an often misunderstood and powerful psychedelic plant used by the Mazatec shamans in southern Mexico for centuries. This entheogen’s mysteries are thoroughly explored, by Director Erin Wyche, from an American view point.

Runtime 139

Released 2022

Director Erin Wyche

Producer Patrick Krauss

Writer Erin Wyche

Cast Andrew W.K., Ray Mawhinney, Assemblyman Anthony Adams, Noam Chomsky, Carolyn Garcia, Shaahin Cheyene, Benjamin Feinburg, Filogonio Garcia, Alex Grey, Peter H. Addy, Senator Kathleen Harrison, Matthew W. Johnson, Illinois State Representative Dennis M. Reboletti, Ralph Metzner, Thomas Munro, Daniel Siebert, James W.F.E. Mooney

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Filmmaker Statement

14 years in the making starting with the first interview in March 2008. In 2013 the Director, Erin Wyche, died several weeks after giving birth to her only child. Erin had lupus and a complication with blood platelets that lead to her death at age 28. Her long time boyfriend and producer, Patrick Krauss, raised their child alone and it took many years to complete the film. This film is the most comprehensive documentary on Salvia Divinorum ever made. It was shot on SD video and has a retro indie feel. Half of the proceeds will go into an account for Erin's daughter.

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