The Place We Hide

  • Thriller

“The Place We Hide” begins with the murder of a patient to Dr. Stevie Fleming (Nikki M. Weiland), an ambitious and confident hypnotherapist. Set to publish her first book on hypnotherapy, Dr. Fleming has also finally gathered the courage to stand up to her exploitive ex-husband who has been leeching off her success. Her life takes an unexpected dark turn after she gets trapped in an elevator with a stranger, Jack (David Yusel Madison), who she soon discovers to be a righteous hitman contracted to deliver his special brand of justice.

Runtime 82

Released 2020

Director Erik Bernard

Producer Courtney LeMarco, TLG Motion Pictures

Writer Laura McLaughlin, Erik Bernard

Cast Nikki M. Weiland,David Yusel Madison, Andrew C. Fisher, Skeeta Jenkins, Alexandra Bates, Owen Osborne, Jocelyn Michelle Townsie, Jerry G. Angelo, Adaku Uwandu


Filmmaker Statement

Life is a culmination of choices and events that shape the world in which we live. This film is an exploration of that world and the most important choice we all face; that of who we choose to become. To achieve this goal, we confront two characters who have been shaped by tragedy and dark secrets. One is a brilliant hypnotherapist, who has overcome adversity to reinvent herself through a hard earned second chance, and who chooses to be a guide to others in search of salvation and redemption. The other is a salesman of sorts, who has found a resiliency in a commitment to serve society as a violent agent of karma, judging that there are crimes and their perpetrators that don’t deserve a second chance. Confronting unyielding justice and redemption, two contrasting philosophies play out a game of life and death, revisiting the darkest events they have tried to hide.

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