Mr Misfortune

  • Neo-Noir
  • Thriller

In a misguided attempt to protect his friend from an extortionist, a man hijacks a blackmail scheme and puts himself and everyone he cares about in danger.

Runtime 90

Released 2019

Director Rick Caplan

Writer Rick Caplan

Cast Michael O'Neal, Hari Williams, Ryan Cafeo, Kelsey Fordham, Eliot, Robin Zibelli, Rebecca Berg

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Filmmaker Statement

They say, "make the movie you want to see," and for me, that movie is Mr Misfortune. I love dark comedy, film noir, and thrillers, in general, and always marveled at how contained, yet effective, they could be. Inspired by filmmakers that revived independent cinema in the 90s, I was struck by the common thread in all of their stories: they dared to make a movie without permission, and they created their own opportunities. More than that, they employed creativity in lieu of financial resources. Mr Misfortune is the result of sheer will, a passion for movies, and hyper-organization. This film is truly independent in every sense, and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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